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Why Not to Remove an aged Concrete Pool Deck

Let's talk about the perils of removing a concrete pool deck (Hint: They may not be what you thought they are!)

We often hear from customers who are considering the removal of their concrete deck. They may be bored by the homogenous look of an otherwise and structurally sound concrete deck, or they may want to fix a few cracks, or they may want to upgrade their pool deck for a future home sale.

Sometimes these customers ask a local mason or landscaping company and they hear "you have to rip it all out." A frequent recommendation by those companies is to replace the old deck with new concrete (which looks just as boring) or with pavers (which are very expensive, can wobble and allow weeds to grow through them). Besides the high costs for these projects, what is often forgotten is the enormous danger to the structural integrity of the pool wall which goes along with a demolition of the deck!

Any damage to the pool wall can be catastrophic to the pool!

Do YOU want to risk your pool?

A typical pool deck consists of 20 tons of concrete or more. It is around 4" thick and it has to be jack-hammered to be removed. Jack-hammering close to the pool wall is very dangerous, as the enormous force of the jack-hammer can easily force a piece of concrete or underlying rock to push against the pool wall. It is unpredictable violent even for the most experienced operator.

Oftentimes, when the deck was originally poured, some of the concrete flowed into gravesses between the pool wall and the soil and cured there. This concrete has to be pulled out completely, posing a major risk to the pool wall.

Imagine a metal or concrete wall, surrounded by soil and water, exposed to the elements for 10, 20 or 30 years. Pool walls oftentimes corrode over time, making them weaker in the process. Can we agree that it may be best not to disturb them? But yet, it is suggested that you jack-hammer the concrete deck right next to it?


Call RenuKrete today and we can show you a way to make your pool deck look wonderful without ripping out your concrete deck!


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