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Customer Experience

RenuKrete's has a unique and proven set of technologies, equipment and processes that generate consistently the highest possible customer satisfaction ratings. This allows our franchisees to focus on growing their business every day!


Putting Magic in Concrete

RenuKrete pool decks, indoor floors and other surfaces are the type of floors that customers talk about and tell their friends and colleagues. Frequently, it these referral conversations that bring new leads to our franchisees.

Our strategy is built on:

 - Consulting vs Selling: We advise our customers openly about the best solutions for them. There are no surprises and no hard selling. We only do what we think is best for our customers.


 - Consistent improvement of our technology: Our proprietary equipment and processes are continuously improved and evolved.

"Wow!" That's what friends and family have said when they see our pool deck. Our 28 year old cement pool deck looks amazing - better than new. The Renukrete staff was professional from start to finish. Couldn't be more pleased with the job they did.  -  Lisa K

RenuKrete Service

RenuKrete's business systems are designed to maximize customer service. Every aspect of the RenuKrete customer experience, from initial call, to installation, to follow-up, is designed and monitored for improvement and innovation opportunities. Our RenuKrete professionals take pride in the artistry, knowledge and technology we bring to concrete floor renovations, inside and out.


RenuKrete customers select our products because they love the look and feel, as well as the durability and properties. We often hear from customers who say that the perceived value of the installation is several times higher than the actual cost, since our products make simple concrete look and feel like a much more expensive product.

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