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The success of RenuKrete is no accident. For years, the company has invested in the advance of technology and business systems to build and increase the competitive advantage of the franchise. Our formula is simple: Proprietary technology + Proven Business Model = Success!

The RenuKrete team combines decades of experience in construction, engineering, management and leadership. And it shows.

Our constant pursuit of innovation includes 

 - product innovation

 - equipment innovation

 - process innovation

RenuKrete is fabulous! My pool patio deck went from being a chipped and broken mess to a beautiful Tuscan looking oasis! You are all a class act group of people! Friendly, professional and extremely dedicated. The men worked tirelessly and always smiled. We are so grateful. Thanks so much. You should be proud of your wonderful business!

At RenuKrete, we are all about magic. But, this is not only the magic we are putting into concrete by making it look and feel like flagstone or tile. This is also the magic that bring into our customers backyards and offices with our positive energy.

We have created winning teams based on trust, candor and transparency, where everyone has a voice and dignity. This is the foundation of teams that do not fear conflict and that can truly commit to a clear and unifying goal. At RenuKrete, we have seen the incredible impact organizational culture has on a company's results. A team that works together in a spirit of camaraderie, shoulder to shoulder, pursuing a vision that is shared by all and that benefits all, such a team is truly unstoppable!

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