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Customer Acquisition

One of the ways customers come to RenuKrete is often via word-of-mouth. Beyond word-of-mouth - which is a significant part of our customer acquisition strategy - RenuKrete also supports franchisees in acquiring customers through other proven channels and methods.


Depending on the product, opportunity and target market, our fully integrated marketing campaigns include

- Search Engine Optimization
- Public Relations
- Social Media

 - Direct Mail

 - Pay-per-click advertising

 - Telemarketing outreach

 - Vehicle signage

 - Referral Programs

 - Email newsletters

 - other

"The guys at RenuKrete are a first class team. From the Owner to the site manager to the guys doing the heavy lifting - they all take pride in what they are doing and that translates into amazing results. Could not be happier with the decision to go with RenuKrete."

Whether residential or commercial customers, whether flagstone or tile style opportunity, RenuKrete has a specific support plan for its franchisees to gain, attract and keep customers.

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