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Business Systems

At RenuKrete, we are process and systems driven. Properly designed processes allow us to create predictable, repeatable and profitable results that our customers love.

Our processes are built on years of experience, including the hands-on experience of our founder. They are documented, and they are supported by our custom software platform.

The RenuKrete software platform is intuitive and works on any internet-connected computer, on smart phones and tablets. It supports the management of customer relations, job management and profitability, crew time sheets, inventory, expense management and more. It allows our franchisees to focus on growing their business every day.

"Every morning when I wake up and look out the window, I am excited to see our brand new concrete decking. It it certainly is more beautiful and natural looking than I ever expected. Not only was the process easy, it was more pleasurable than we anticipated—In no small part due to your incredibly talented and professional “working artists”. Thanks to you and everyone who is lucky to be employed by your company. You are ALL the best!

Depending on the chosen business opportunity, the RenuKrete franchise can be a seasonal or year-round business. There are many revenue streams, including residential and commercial installations, as well as recurring income from past customers.

RenuKrete is an attractive franchising option, because

 - it does not require a storefront location, lowering time and investment requirements for start-up

 - installations and services can be performed by technicians and crew members (under leadership), freeing you up to manage the business growth

 - our management team focuses continuously on improving efficiencies, product innovations and profit margins

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