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How To Remodel & Renovate Your Pool In New Jersey, New York or elsewhere

Renovating a pool or a house is on everyone's to-do list. Especially when it comes to renovating your outdoor - ie pool space, the remodel will not only add functionality to your home, but also adds a lot of excitement! You may think about remodeling due to some badly needed repairs. Or, you may consider your pool renovation simply because of aesthetic reasons. After all, what looks great twenty years ago may not look so great anymore!


Upgrading the coping (another word for the area where your pool decks meets the water line) can have a huge impact on the overall look of your pool. In former times, the coping was often neglected and just considered to be just a functional part. These days, however, many have discovered that a more decorative coping can add an extra touch of elegance to your pool. Think of the coping like the "frame" of your pool. Ever noticed how the right frame can enhance a wonderful picture even more? The same holds true for your pool! You may have C-channel coping, precast concrete coping, cantilever coping, natural stone coping or any other type of coping. Many of these types can be upgraded at relatively low costs.


Every pool needs maintenance and care. Over time, natural settling of pool walls and pool floor means you can't ignore structural cracks and plaster peeling off your walls. When the time has come to resurface or replaster your pool, consider expanding your project to remodel the entire pool. Your pool service company can help you pick the right options!


One of the easiest ways to turn your pool into a warm and inviting space is to design special areas for sunbathing or simply lounging. That swim-up bar you saw in your last vacation may be feasible too! Just give yourself some time for planning. If planned right, concrete furniture in the shallow end may be less expensive than you think. Along with upgraded pool lighting (Smart-phone controlled mood lighting, anyone?), this is a pool remodel that surely should be on your top 10 list.


Another way to add a unique touch of experience and luxury to your deck is a pool deck renovation that includes a new slide, water fountain, misting systems for those hot days or a new diving rock. Talk to your landscaper about integrating their recommendations with your vision. A wonderful new pool deck and mini water park is not just for children!


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