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Searching for a concrete franchising opportunity? A RenuKrete® franchise sculpts success.

Many people possess an entrepreneurial spirit, but it’s the individuals who are driven to succeed who make working for themselves a reality. If you haven’t developed an original product or don’t see any future in being just another me-too service business, one pathway to owning your own business is to research the best franchising opportunities that connect with your interests.

To be successful, your business needs a winning business model. If you’re in the construction trades or have always taken a hands-on approach to your work, or if you’re looking for a business ownership opportunity that doesn’t strap you to a desk all day, RenuKrete®’s proprietary concrete floor restoration technology is a model franchise to explore.

RenuKrete® is a technology development company in the concrete flooring industry and is the developer of Engineered Concrete Flooring (ECF). ECF restores existing forlorn, damaged and drab concrete surfaces into natural looking flagstone, slate, tile and other designer styles without costly demolition and removal. RenuKrete® makes residential and commercial concrete surfaces – indoors and out – achieve new levels of beauty, low-maintenance durability and structural integrity through the application of innovative, patented and patent-pending technologies. 

With a RenuKrete® franchise, you don’t need a background in masonry to succeed.

Founded and led by a German engineer with a background in applied technology in the construction and masonry industries, RenuKrete® today develops exclusive equipment, materials and processes that stand alone. Patented and proprietary technology includes laser guided equipment, Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Equipment, materials, processes, and final products are tested rigorously at the company's own production, test and training center in New Jersey.

In concert with its technology innovations, RenuKrete® has developed proven strategies and methods to develop your business. The technologies and artistic applications behind RenuKrete® ECF are closely guarded and highly atypical to other concrete re-finishing products and processes. While some franchisees will find masonry or construction experience helpful, it is by no means the determinant of success – for that matter, nor is lack of a designer’s eye a hurdle to succeeding.

For the RenuKrete® franchisee, long-term success mainly requires hard work and a commitment to meeting franchisee goals for the owner and their business. In fact, after just a few weeks of training in the classroom and at active jobsites, the RenuKrete® franchise owner will be ready to enter their local market as the only company offering this concrete restoration technology to their customers. Sheer differentiation is a key driver for success.

Understanding the RenuKrete® difference – it begins with ECF.

Unlike typical cosmetic concrete treatments – such as overlays and concrete stamping on outdoor surfaces, and floor coverings such as tile, vinyl composition tile, and carpeting on indoor concrete surfaces – RenuKrete®’s flooring technology is one-of-a-kind in that it creates the look of natural flagstone, slate tile or even wide-plank, barn-style wood from the existing concrete surface. There is no carbon intense demolition or pouring of concrete required to achieve the aesthetic the client desires.

Considering its smaller carbon footprint, the RenuKrete® process also gives its franchisees another point of differentiation that concrete resurfacing companies cannot match.

For customers watching a budget, RenuKrete® ECF is a highly attractive alternative because there is no subfloor or floor covering required once the process is done. The crafting of the final design of the concrete surface is the finishing touch that delivers the “wow” factor the client is looking for.

And in the end, homeowners and property owners save money and get a durable, hard surface floor that stands up to heavy traffic and won’t chip, peel or interfere with the peculiarities of existing concrete conditions, such as cracked or uneven floors.

Before beginning any flooring transformation, the RenuKrete® franchisee will learn how to remove any subfloor materials if present and check the floor for any cracks or blemishes that need repair. Once the integrity of the underlying concrete floor is established, the franchisee’s team will turn its attention to the aesthetics of the concrete floor and began to craft the patterns and coloring applications as discussed with the homeowner or property manager to reveal the unexpected beauty that lies within the existing concrete slab.

Inside and outside, a RenuKrete® franchise is a four seasons’ opportunity

As business owners, franchisees need to create revenue year-round regardless of weather conditions. For prospective franchise owners who would prefer to have the flexibility to handle outdoor work as well as indoor work, not all franchise opportunities offer that adaptability. RenuKrete® provides the best of both worlds in that there are always residential, business and commercial clients who are in need of RenuKrete®’s services, so the franchisee is never beholden to the season in the way that franchises such as pool maintenance, landscaping, and other outdoor-centric franchises are.

RenuKrete®’s cutting-edge, proprietary technology can reveal concrete’s true decorative possibilities by sculpting a distinctive floor installation design right into the existing concrete.

RenuKrete® creates a durable, sustainably renewed concrete floor or deck created from the existing concrete deck or slab. There’s no demolition or replacement of old concrete, saving money and carbon output.

RenuKrete® is not paint or an overlay, and won’t chip or peel away like those products.

RenuKrete® is truly low maintenance. Clean up is easy and a RenuKrete® surface can handle foot traffic without issue just like newly poured concrete and far longer than other floor coverings.

Authentic. RenuKrete® maintains the natural texture of a concrete floor or deck while giving it the look and feel of natural stone.

As a RenuKrete® franchise owner, the support the franchisee receives from the company continues on an ongoing basis. Corporate is committed to sharing best practices, improvements and innovations with the franchisee and is always available to answer questions. Areas of ongoing support include:

  • Onboarding

  • Sales/Marketing

  • Job Profitability 

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Operations Support

  • Financing through a third party

Is a RenuKrete® franchise the right business opportunity for you? Call now to discuss…

RenuKrete® franchisees enjoy the exclusivity of being the only businesses in their service areas with the technology and equipment to restore new life to old concrete surfaces with engineered concrete flooring. For interested prospective franchisees in Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas who’d like to discuss franchising opportunities with RenuKrete®, call (800) 406-5010.


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